Annual Report

Read our 2019–20 Annual Report here.

At-risk Funding Plan

Creative Minds spends its at-risk funding to offer at-risk students supplemental resources and staff support that will help them be successful in school. Read a summary of our at-risk spending for the 2020–21 school year.

Board of Trustees

Visit our Board of Trustees page for a meeting calendar and meeting minutes, our open-board-meeting policy, and names and contact information for our board members.


See the Creative Minds 2021–22 school calendar here.

Contact Information

McKinney-Vento Homeless Coordinator
Latrisha Wright

Special Education Coordinator Preschool–4th Grade
Maura Hoyson

Special Education Coordinator 5th–8th Grades
Nicole Keler

Title IX Coordinator
Chuck Jackson

Continuous Learning 2021–22

Continuous Learning and School Recovery Plan

Financial & Salary Information

See the Creative Minds Form 990 (public-disclosure copy) for tax year 2018.

These are the salaries, over $100,000, of the five most highly compensated individuals:

  • $190,000.00
  • $140,400.00
  • $120,000.00
  • $115,000.00
  • $105,000.00

Policies: Employees

See our Employee Handbook for policies on sexual harassment (p. 12), equal opportunity (p. 9), drug-free workplace (p. 54), staff complaint-resolution process (p. 59), and whistleblower complaints (p. 82).

Policies: Students & Families

See our Student & Family Handbook for policies on attendance (p. 44), discipline (p. 33–43), nondiscrimination (p. 47–49), and grievance procedures (p. 21–23).

Find the FERPA notice at our Enrollment Process page.