Annual Report

Read our 2018–19 Annual Report here.

At-risk Funding Plan

Creative Minds spends its at-risk funding to offer at-risk students supplemental resources and staff support that will help them be successful in school. Read a summary of our at-risk spending for the 2019–20 school year.

Board of Trustees

Visit our Board of Trustees page for a meeting calendar and meeting minutes, our open-board-meeting policy, and names and contact information for our board members.


See the Creative Minds school calendar here.

Contact Information

McKinney-Vento Homeless Coordinator
Miriam Kahn

Special Education Coordinator: Preschool–4th Grade
Maura Hoyson

Special Education Coordinator: 5th–8th Grades
Amy Nicholson

Title IX Coordinator
Chuck Jackson

Policies: Employees

See our Employee Handbook for policies on sexual harassment (p. 12), equal opportunity (p. 9), drug-free workplace (p. 54), staff complaint-resolution process (p. 59), and whistleblower complaints (p. 82).

Policies: Students & Families

See our Student & Family Handbook for policies on attendance (p. 35–37), discipline (p. 38–48), non-discrimination (p. 51–52), and grievance procedures (p. 52–55).

Find the FERPA notice at our Enrollment Process page.

Salary Information

These are the salaries, over $100,000, of the five most highly compensated individuals:

  • $190,000.00
  • $140,400.00
  • $120,000.00
  • $115,000.00
  • $105,000.00