Extended Creative Day Program

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This page was last updated on September 16, 2021.

Creative Minds boasts an inclusive Extended Creative Day (ECD) program that complements the learning of the school day. Discounts are available to students who qualify. Find more information below.

If you have questions about ECD, please email our Extended Creative Day coordinator, Shannon Smith, at shannon.smith@cmipcs.org.

Before School

We are not offering our Before School program in fall 2021 due to the challenge of meeting DC Health requirements for cohorts; the health and safety of students and staff is our top priority.

In late November 2021 we will determine whether Before School will be offered in 2022, for the second half of the school year.

Wednesday Enrichment Program

We’re offering a free enrichment program on Wednesdays, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., when teachers have an afternoon of professional development.

The enrichment program is open to all students, with no limit to the number of students we can accommodate, and there is no cost to families. Activities include homework time, read-alouds, art projects, and math learning.

We do not offer a drop-in option for Wednesday Enrichment; you must register in order for your child to participate.

Register here.

After School: Full & Part Time

Our After School program starts at 3:30 p.m. (lower school) or 4:00 p.m. (middle school) and ends at 6:00 p.m. This program is for students in all grade levels.

After School is free for students in 5th through 8th grades. This is the cost for students in preschool through 4th grade:

  • Full Time (Five Days a Week): $350/month per child.
  • Part Time (Three or Four Days a Week): $275/month per child.
  • Wednesday Only: $50/month per child.

Find information about discounts below.

Activities: Lower School

After School for students in preschool through 4th grade focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), offering age-appropriate projects and activities that align with a different theme and Creative Minds personal goal each month.

Registration is first come, first served. To ensure the health and safety of our community, and meet the DC Health requirements for cohorts, we’re offering two classes of 15 students per grade level.

Activities: Middle School

Each day, our free After School program for 5th- through 8th-grade students begins with 30 minutes of structured academic time that includes tutoring from staff. Then students may participate in enrichment activities, such as art, film, sports, and science, which will change every six weeks and align with monthly themes and personal goals.

Students may also choose to spend time in the lounge, a supportive, welcoming space for developing social-emotional skills. In the lounge, students can connect with friends and caring mentors and engage in fun activities.

To participate in After School, middle school students must take part in the program’s academic time and maintain a strong academic standing in their school-day classes.

Registration is first come, first served. We are offering two classes of 15 students for 5th and 6th grades combined and two classes of 15 students for 7th and 8th grades combined. This allows us to meet the DC Health requirements for cohorts.


Families that qualify for free and reduced-price meals (FARM) receive a 50-percent discount on our After School program. If you believe that you qualify for FARM but you haven’t yet applied, please fill out and submit an application in English, Spanish, or Amharic. Email our Reception Team with any questions about FARM: frontdesk@cmipcs.org.

A sibling discount of 15 percent is available to families registering two or more children. Please enter sibs2021 at checkout.

Please contact Shannon Smith at shannon.smith@cmipcs.org or (202) 588-0370 ext. 136 if you need assistance paying for our After School program. All conversations will be kept in confidence.

Payment & Policies

We do not offer a part-time After School schedule of two days per week or a drop-in option. For part-time After School, families must commit to their children attending only on specific days of the week for the entire semester.

Refunds on After School tuition are available for the first 10 days of the program. After ten days, no refunds will be issued.

Registration and payment require creating an account with Sawyer, our ECD platform. You’ll be prompted to create an account during registration. Invoices are sent on the first of the month and automatically debited, using the payment method you add to your Sawyer account.

Please contact Shannon Smith at shannon.smith@cmipcs.org or (202) 588-0370 ext. 136 with any questions about payment, policies, and registration.