Mission and Philosophy

Creative Minds is a school that teaches my children to be tolerant, respectful, and appreciative of others. There is so much genuine love at the school. I knew that it would be a perfect fit for our family.


Creative Minds International Public Charter School offers early childhood, elementary, and middle school D.C. public school students a highly engaging, rigorous, international and inclusive education plan that provides them with the knowledge and skills required for successful participation in a global society through a project- and arts-based international curriculum that fosters creativity, self-motivation, social/emotional development, and academic excellence.


CMI embraces an inclusive and child-centered approach to education that respects the integrity of each and every student. We believe in the importance of meeting the educational requirements of students with a diversity of backgrounds and learning styles, preparing them for success and emotional well-being in a globalized world. CMI’s holistic education model takes into consideration that children’s progress in key social and cognitive developmental milestones is a prerequisite to personal and academic success.