The Employee Experience

Get ready to learn a lot. Here reflective teaching is the best practice.

As a Creative Minds employee, you’re a valued community member with a voice in our school culture. The growth of Creative Minds brings opportunities to make a real difference in how we learn and work together—and how we nurture the growth and learning of our creative, curious students.

The Creative Minds approach to education prioritizes the learning and development of the whole child through an inclusive arts-integrated, international program. Teachers prepare students to be successful in a global society, not only on a test or in a single year at school.

Supported, Collaborative Teaching

Within the framework of our International Early Years, Primary, and Middle Years curricula, Creative Minds teachers shape their instruction, building on their own expertise and their students’ interests. Project-based learning generates deep engagement and draws on the creativity of both students and teachers. Support staff in every classroom allows for whole-class and small-group instruction.

At Creative Minds, you’ll have the guidance and support to grow your teaching practice and be the most effective teacher for your students.

Strong Employee Support

Strong support is a hallmark of the employee experience. On grade-level teams of teaching colleagues, employees encourage one another through an exchange of ideas and feedback. One-on-one coaching gives our teaching staff individualized support, all year long.

Year-Round Professional Development

On-site professional development throughout the year brings together all teachers and staff members for shared learning and growth. Recent topics of our professional-development days include diversity training, teacher wellness, inclusive classrooms, and social-emotional learning.

A Shared School Culture

At the foundation of the Creative Minds culture are the personal goals of our international curricula: Adaptability, Communication, Cooperation, Inquiry, Integrity, Resilience, Respect, and Thoughtfulness.

Students, staff, teachers, and families work toward these goals together, celebrating progress and their accomplishments.

An Engaged Family Community

Strong engagement from Creative Minds families means parents and caregivers are partners in their children’s success.

Through the Creative Families Association, the families of our school support teachers and staff all year long—sponsoring Teacher Appreciation Week, stocking the employee lounge, and offering small gifts, among many other gestures of appreciation.

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