In Support of the AAPI Community: A letter from Chuck Jackson on the Shootings in Atlanta

March 19, 2021

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Dear Creative Minds Community:

At Creative Minds we celebrate a connection to Asian lives and experiences through Mandarin-language classes and the exploration of Chinese culture and history.

Today we are sad and outraged to mourn the victims of Tuesday’s horrific shootings in Atlanta. As we stand with the Asian and Asian Pacific Islander community, we condemn all forms of racism and violence and the hate and ignorance that breed these despicable acts.

A corollary to the COVID-19 pandemic is the rise in racist attacks against the AAPI community worldwide. This disturbing trend subjects AAPI people to a second pandemic—of racism—amplifying the fears and vulnerabilities brought about by COVID-19 and intensifying the experience of living among the racist violence that has become all too common, and accepted, in our country.

Discrimination, harassment, and violence toward AAPI Americans long predate our current year, an unacceptable and shameful history that must be recognized and countered through education, reflection, and the calling out of racism and other forms of hatred where we see them.

Our mission at Creative Minds is “to cultivate within ALL of our students the mindset, skills, creativity, and commitment to equity essential in becoming globally aware and independently minded citizens.”

We know that education can be a powerful force for good and that equity-minded students with a broad and inclusive perspective on the world can become the adults who enact positive change.

We remain committed to ensuring equitable access to education and nurturing a diverse community. Among staff members, we are hosting events and conversations that allow us to share experiences, reflect on classroom practices, and explore topics like racism. These are spaces for sorting through facts and feelings and listening with empathy to one another’s ideas and opinions.

In Community Meeting, we are continuing to celebrate cultures around the world, as well as a broad array of voices here in the US. This includes singing songs in Mandarin and Spanish, exploring art from other countries, and reading books that recognize diverse experiences.

We are here to support you—staff, students, and families. The Student Wellness Team is available every school day. These resources offer strategies for addressing racism, violence, and trauma with children and for taking action against injustice:

When I made a midcareer switch from law to education it was because I knew that a real, lasting difference in society starts with our students, in our schools. This continues to drive me as my team and I nurture a just, equitable community—one that exemplifies the change we want to see in the world.


Chuck Jackson
Executive Director