Literacy Night Spells Fun for Our Community

At Creative Minds International Public Charter School, we’re gearing up for Literacy Night and all the fun it spells for our community.

This evening of literacy learning, on March 5, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., is for students of every age and their families. We’ll feature traditional word games, such as crossword puzzles and Scrabble, along with read-alouds; writing and visual-arts activities; and opportunities for movement, performance, and collaboration.

Athena Burkett, instructional coach, says, “We’re hosting Literacy Night because we are committed to inspiring the love of reading and writing in students. We want students to see how fun literacy is, and we want families to engage with one another over books and texts.”

Book Swap & Book Fair

We invite families to donate books, starting Monday, February 24, to a Literacy Night book swap. Any used books—for children or adults—sitting dusty on the shelf are welcome. We’ll lay out the collection on Literacy Night for anyone who’d like to choose a book for free.

Our book fair, hosted by Scholastic, will start on the afternoon of March 5 and run through March 13 in the school lobby. Part of the proceeds will go toward buying more books for our school. Families may preorder books, and they’re especially encouraged to book volunteer time. Help from our community will make this book fair a success—and be greatly appreciated!

Literacy Night Activities

Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are all on the agenda as we promote literacy learning and offer opportunities for movement and creative expression.

Guest authors Nina Halper, a Creative Minds parent, and Miguel Coppedge will join us to read aloud from the books they’ve written and answer questions about being a writer. Creative Minds teachers will host read-alouds in Spanish.

Visual art will enter the picture when students and families paint an essay, illustrate poems they’ve written, and draw pictures prompted by passages from short stories. We’ll get moving together through a jumping maze, as we identify related words and sounds.

Displays throughout the room will prompt attendees to write one line for a group story, contribute thoughts to a brainstorming web, and add to a visual of sight words.

Families will have the chance to learn about our phonics curriculum, see how their children are learning, and discover resources for promoting their children’s literacy skills outside school.

See a list of all Literacy Night activities.

Thank You!

We thank Athena Burkett and the members of the Literacy Night committee for their generous efforts in making this evening happen. Community events like Literacy Night bring together students, staff, teachers, and families for shared learning and celebration. As Ms. Burkett says, “I can’t wait to see how much fun students have with words!”