Middle School Creative Clubs: New and Engaging

Our new middle school Creative Clubs are designed to make after school fun, exciting, and engaging for students in 5th–8th grades. This full-time, five-days-a-week program allows students to choose an activity each day. Students continue the learning of the school day as they explore interests and develop skills.

An Activity for Every Preteen or Teenager

• With Imagination Stage we’re hosting Improv Club, where students will tap into their spontaneity as they collaborate to create characters and scenes.

Sew Creative Lounge joins us for Stemovate, an exploration of fashion design and technology. Students will learn the basics of sewing and create wearable technology, such as light-up shoes.

Basketball Club brings us our first-ever competitive basketball team! We’re also offering competitive soccer, with DC Stoddert, and flag football. All our sports teams will compete with schools across the city. Go, Chameleons!

• Our club with Global Kids will promote global awareness and civic engagement as it develops leaders and inspires 6th-grade students to take action on critical issues.

Bring It On Cheerleading Club is the chance for students to channel their energy and enthusiasm into tumbling, stunting, dancing, and teamwork as they learn a competitive-grade cheer routine.

• Students will learn American Sign Language in Sign Language Club, expanding the language learning of our regular school day.

Community Service Club focuses on developing new hands-on skills as students complete projects in, and become true stewards of, the community.

• In study hall, students can complete homework before they go home for the day and receive 1:1 tutoring.

Families: Register for our enriching middle school Creative Clubs.