Home-Learning Website

To support learning while school is closed from March 16 through April 24, we created a website that offers home-learning resources for students in every grade.

Logging In

Access the home-learning website here.

Our site uses the Clever log-in system, which students in kindergarten through 8th grade are familiar with. You don’t need to log in to access resources for students in preschool and prekindergarten.

  • Students in kindergarten through 4th grade will use their Clever badges to log in.
  • Students in 5th through 8th grades will sign in with their Google log-in credentials.

Direcciones en Español para conectarse en Clever.


Please email us at homework@cmipcs.org if you have any trouble signing in to, or have questions about using, the home-learning website.

Teachers will be available by email, during regular school hours, to answer questions about learning. If you don’t have access to email, call (202) 588-0370. We will answer the phone Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Please leave a message after these hours, and someone will return your call.

Home-Learning Plan & Resources

Completing schoolwork at home is not mandatory but encouraged. We acknowledge that not every parent and caregiver will be available to monitor children’s work or do lessons with children and that some students may be engaged in other activities.

On March 13, we sent home hard copies of schoolwork for families that don’t have access to the internet. Students should plan to turn in any completed hard-copy work when they return to school.